Denise Ilitch, an Integral Part of Detroit’s Business and Philanthropic Communities for Over 40 Years as a Dedicated Business Leader, a Devoted Community Servant, a Supporter of Many Charitable Causes, and a Tireless Advocate for Women and Children, Discusses the Complexities and Benefits of Having a Family Office

This episode features Denise Ilitch, Owner of Ilitch Family Companies. Denise is also president of Ilitch Enterprises, LLC. She previously served as president of Ilitch Holdings, Inc. from 2000 to …

How Entrepreneurs are Changing the Family Office Landscape with Michael Loeb, Founder of, Synapse, and Dozens of other Successful Companies he Incubated at Loeb Enterprises

This episode featrues Michael Loeb, Founder of, Synapse, and Dozens of other successful companies he incubated at Loeb Enterprises.

Here we discuss the role serial entrepreneurs are having in shaping how Family Offices are managed.

It’s a fascinating conversation with one of the most prolific and successful entrepreneurs of the 21st century.

A must listen for anybody who wants to get inside the mind of a serial entrepreneur.