Welcome, and thank you for joining us on one of the most comprehensive podcasts devoted exclusively to Family Offices — Family Office World.

I’m your host, Ron Diamond, Chairman and CEO of Diamond Wealth. We represent 100 Single Family Offices ranging in size from $250 million to $30 billion.  I’ve been the keynote speaker at dozens of Family Office conferences around the globe, and have spoken at over 150 Family Office conferences in the past 5 years.  I’m in the process of writing a book on Family Offices and have consulted with dozens of firms who want to work with Family Offices including banks, accounting firms, law firms, philanthropies, and various service providers who want to know what it takes to get in the door and add value to the Family Office community.

There are over 7,500 Family Offices representing approximately $10 trillion in assets.  That’s more money than there is in the entire private equity market around the world.  In addition, we are about to experience the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the world in the next 30 years — roughly $50 trillion in assets will be transferred from the baby boomers to the next generation.  This will cause a fundamental shift in the capital market structure.

With this said, very few people fully understand what a Family Office is, what their goals and objectives are, and how to get in the door and work with them.

Family Office World will take you deep into the inner workings of Family Offices with a different expert every episode who works closely with Family Offices. We will discuss and educate people on:

      • What is a Family Office
      • How does one Family Office differ from another Family Office
      • What are best practices for Family Offices
      • What is the value in working with a Family Office
      • And how can a service provider tap into the Family Office ecosystem

The goal is twofold.

Help Family Offices become more institutionalized and connect with each other directly throughout the country

And help service providers navigate the best way to add value and ultimately have Family Offices as clients.

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