The Critical Importance of Having the Proper Legal Structures in Place in Order for a Family Office to Endure for Multiple Generations with Tom Handler, Founder and Managing Partner of Handler Thayer, LLC.

In this episode, Tom Handler,  Founder and Managing Partner of the law firm he founded — Handler Thayer, LLC, articulately explains why the first step in setting up a successful multi generational Family Office must start with a well thought out legal structure.  He explains why only 25% of Family Offices make it to the second generation, 10% make it  to the third generation, and only 5% make it to the fourth generation.  Without the proper legal framework, Family Offices will not endure.  It’s a fascinating conversation with one of the leading authorities on the legal aspects Family Offices must explore.  Extremely insightful and thought provoking.  A must listen to anybody who has or is thinking about setting up a Family Office.